The League had advertised for a volunteer to come forward to act in the role as Assistant Referee Appointment Secretary with a view to taking over as Referee Appointment Secretary from Season 2020/21.

We are delighted to announce that Ryan Anderson, Chris Crawford and Kieran Gayler will all be supporting the Referee Appointment Secretary during the coming season to learn the role.

This means at different times during the season they will be undertaking different parts of the role. To keep everything simply for Clubs and Referees we have set up a virtual phone number and shared email address.

We would ask any telephone queries are made via 01268 944066. When you dial this phone number it will automatically divert to the mobile phone for the person who is answering Referee related calls that day. This is particularly important on Saturday mornings.

All Refereeing emails should be sent to This will send the email to all four of the team enabling us to provide the best service possible.

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