Please see below Constitution for the new season. This has probably been the hardest Constitution I have been involved in creating.
With so many teams dropping out last season it left big gaps in the Constitution. Having listened to Clubs saying they wanted more teams in the Divisions you will see in the Over 35's we have dropped from nine to seven Divisions. 
I would not be surprised if we had teams drop out in the next month. You will see I have marked that some teams may transfer Divisions if we have drop outs before 2nd September.
The East/West split in each Division has been done by drawing a line down the map and it depends which side of the line you are. I know some teams would have preferred a different Division in terms of East/West but the method used is the fairest we can come up with.
With there being up to twelve teams in a Division we do not have the scope to allow as many free weeks as we did last year so the following will apply:
1) Teams will only be allowed two free weeks during the season
2) We won't schedule fixtures on 24th December and 31st December. We will only play on Easter Sunday if we have issues with the weather
3) Any game called off after Tuesday, points will be awarded. Points will also be awarded if teams have already had two free weeks and then cannot field a team a third or subsequent time.
4) Before any game is called off during the week the Fixture Secretary must be contacted before players are told they have no game as an alternative League fixture may be arranged.
5) If pitch is unplayable due to weather and teams haven't played each other teams must contact opponents to try to switch the fixture. Teams must be proactive if weather looks like it may affect pitch and talk to opponents about preparing to switch the fixture.
6) With so many League fixtures to fit in additional Cup competitions outside of County Cups need to be fitted in around League games as there will not be space not to schedule League games for Charity Cup games etc to be played. We know the Tiptree Charity Cup draw has been made, please do your utmost to play First Round games before League fixtures start on 16th September 2023
I have applied to the FA for Full Time to be created for next season. It will take a number of weeks for the League to complete all the background work to get ready for the new season. Fixtures are unlikely to appear until 18th August at the earliest.
Martin Berry
League Secretary
POS Premier Division      
1 Alex      
2 Atletico Trotters      
3 Blackmore      
4 Catholic United      
5 Harold Wood Athletic      
6 Herongate Athletic      
7 Jubilee Sports      
8 Old Chigwellians      
9 Rayleigh Town      
10 Summers Athletic      
11 Swansong      
POS Division One East     Division One West
1 Atletico Trotters Reserves   1 Aveley
2 Beacon Hill Rovers    2 Chigwell
3 Great Baddow   3 Chipping Ongar
4 Halstead Town   4 Hale End Athletic
5 Hornchurch   5 Hornminster
6 Old Chelmsfordians   6 May & Baker EC
7 Runwell Sports   7 Old Barkabbeyans
8 Shenfield Association   8 Old Chigwellians Reserves
9 Sporting Woodham   9 Rouge
10 Stanway Pegasus   10 Ryan Veterans
11 White Notley   11 Spa Park Athletic
  Division Two East     Division Two West
1 Barlow Broomfield   1 *Brentwood Town
2 Burnham Ramblers   2 BSC
3 Ingatestone   3 Chigwell Reserves
4 Leigh United   4 Debden Sports
5 Ravens Legends   5 Hale End Athletic Res
6 Springfield   6 Harold Hill
7 Stanway Pegasus Res   7 Harold Wood Athletic Res
8 Tiptree Heath   8 London East
9 White Notley Reserves   9 Old Buckwellians
10 Witham Town   10 Sungate
11 Woodham Radars   11 White Roding Sports
  * Should any Division Two East side fold before 2nd September and all the Division Two West side remain then Brentwood will move to Division Two East
  Division Three East     Division Three West
1 AS Rawreth   1 Bealonians
2 Felsted Rovers   2 Belhus Park Athletic
3 Fobs Peverel   3 Emerson & Upminster
4 Galleywood   4 Fulbrook Royals
5 Leigh Ramblers   5 Korona Redbridge
6 Ravens Legends Res   6 Newport
7 Runwell Sports Res   7 Old Parkonians
8 Stanway Pegasus A   8 Ongar Jubilee
9 Stoke by Nayland   9 *Pavilion United
10 Tillingham Hotspur   10 Prostar
11 Valley Green   11 Shenfield Reserves
12 Witham Town Reserves   12 United Amateurs
  * If any Division Three East side folds before 2nd September and all the Division Three West sides remain Pavilion United will move to Division Three East
  Over 45 Premier Division      
1 Blackmore O45s      
2 Broomfield O45s      
3 Chapel United O45s      
4 Frenford O45s      
5 Harold Hill O45s      
6 Harold Wood Athletic O45s      
7 Herongate Athletic O45      
8 Old Chelmsfordians O45s      
9 Shenfield Association O45s      
10 Sungate O45s      
  Over 45 Division One East     Over 45 Division One West
1 Basildon Town O45s   1 BSC O45s
2 Bocking O45s   2 Chigwell O45s
3 Chelmer O45s   3 Chipping Ongar O45s
4 East Hanningfield Athletic O45s   4 May & Baker EC O45s
5 Great Baddow O45s   5 Metpol Chigwell NE O45s
6 Ravens Legends O45s   6 Old Parmiterians O45s
7 Springfield O45s   7 Paringdon O45s
8 Stanway Pegasus O45s   8 Stansted O45s
9 Tiptree Heath O45's   9 Upminster O45s
10 *White Roding Sports O45s   10 Woodford Town O45s
11 Witham Town O45s      
  *Should any Division One West side fold before 2nd September then White Roding Sports O45's will move to West Division
  Over 45 Division Two East     Over 45 Division Two West
1 AS Rawreth O45s   1 Blackmore O45s Res
2 Bocking O45 Res   2 Debden Sports Jubilee O45s
3 Grays Athletic O45s   3 Frenford O45s Res
4 Hale End Athletic O45s Res   4 Hale End Athletic O45s
5 Hannakins Farm O45s   5 *Herongate Athletic O45s Res
6 Horndon O45s   6 London East O45s
7 Leigh Town O45s   7 Newport Veterans O45s
8 Old Chelmsfordians O45s Res   8 Old Parmiterians O45s Res
9 Pavilion United O45s   9 Paringdon O45s Res
10 Ravens Legends O45s Res    10 Shenfield Over 45's
11 Woodham Radars O45s   11 William Fitt O45s
  *Should any Division Two East side fold before 2nd September then Herongate Athletic O45's Reserves will move to Division Two East
  Over 55's      
1 Chapel United O55's      
2 Debden Sports Jubilee O55's      
3 Grays Athletic O55's      
4 Hannakins Farm O55's      
5 Herongate Athletic O55's      
6 Newport O55's      
7 Old Parmiterians O55's      

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