To try to strike a balance between getting fixtures played but to attempt to stop teams manipulating fixtures to their advantage the League Management Committee have agreed the following policy will apply for matches scheduled to be played from 26th September 2019.

Free Saturdays

A team can apply to have three free Saturdays during a season. Application can be made up to 6pm on the Sunday preceding the fixture. (Preferably as much notice as possible should be given).

Permission will be granted unless the scheduled fixture has already been re-arranged by the offending team under this policy, it is a League Cup game or the team has already had their three free Saturday’s. If permission is not granted the fixture will be awarded to the non- offending team.

If fixtures are added to the published schedule with at least seven days’ notice, it will be expected the fixture is played. If a team cannot fulfil the fixture it will count towards the three free Saturdays.

Request to Postpone between 6pm on Sunday and Wednesday

Teams can request one fixture to be rearranged in the above time frame, this will be agreed provided it is not a Cup fixture or the fixture has already been re-arranged by the offending team.

Failure to Fulfil Fixture on Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

Unless there is exceptional circumstances the fixture will be awarded to the opponents.

Fine Structure

Game re-arranged prior to 6pm on Sunday and no more than three closed dates      Nil

Game called between 6pm Sunday and Wednesday                                                 £10

Game called off on Thursday                                                                                     £20

Game called off on Friday                                                                                          £30

Game called off on Saturday                                                                                      £50

Points Deduction Structure (Applies to League Games Only)

Re-arranged games agreed by the League                  No points deduction.

First League Fixture awarded                                     No points deduction

Second League Fixture awarded                                Two point deduction

Third League Fixture awarded                                   Four point deduction

Fourth League Fixture awarded                                 Six point deduction

Any actual costs incurred by the non-offending team will be considered by the Committee.

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