For Saturday 16th September last season’s cancellation periods will apply. The rest of the season the following with apply unless weather means a change becomes applicable

 i) Teams are allowed two “free” weeks, these must be requested by 6pm on the Sunday before the fixture at the very latest.

ii) After 6pm on Sunday any instances of teams being unable to fulfil fixtures will be awarded unless the Committee consider compassionate circumstances apply.

iii) Team calls off before Sunday 6pm and free weeks have been used, fixture will be awarded

iv) Fines policy

- Fixture called off prior to 6pm Sunday and team are allowed free week   £Nil

- Fixture called off prior to 6pm Sunday and team used free weeks up         £10

- Fixture called off after 6pm Sunday up to Wednesday                               £10

- Fixture called off Thursday                                                                          £20

- Fixture called off Friday                                                                              £30

- Fixture called off Saturday before noon                              £50 plus expenses

-Fixture called off after noon on Saturday                             £100 plus expenses

v) Points Deduction Policy –

- First game awarded                          No points deduction

- Second game awarded                      No points deduction

- Third game awarded                         one point deducted

- Fourth game awarded                       two points deducted

- Fifth game awarded                          three points deducted

And so on.

vi) No new fixtures will be scheduled after 6pm on Sunday night for the following Saturday unless both teams agree

vii) The above policy is for League games only. Any cup game that has been published on the League website that cannot be fulfilled will be awarded to the opponents. The above Fine Policy will apply for Cup games.    

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