The League are now accepting entries for the 2015/16 season. These fall into different criteria’s depending on whether you are an existing Club or not. Further details are below:

Existing Clubs wishing to run the same number of teams

You are automatically entered into next season’s competition and do not need to take any action at all until your receive forms from the League and notice to re-affiliate via the Whole Game System from your County Football Association.

Existing Clubs wishing to run an extra teams or teams in different age categories

You need to advise the League Secretary by 18th April 2015 of the number of teams you wish to run in each age category. If this involves entering any extra teams a fee of £10 per extra team is payable to the Treasurer. Moving a team from the over 35 competition to the Over 45 Competition does not involve any fee.

Existing Clubs wishing to withdrew a team.

Notice must be given to the League Secretary by 31st March 2015 of notice or provisional notice to withdraw a team or Club from the Competition. Failure to give notice by this date may incur a fine of up to £100. If a team is withdrawn after the AGM this may incur a fine of up to £150

New Clubs

Any Club wishing to join the League should contact the League Secretary for an application form. Requirements for joining the League are as follows:

1. Access to Adult size football pitch with changing rooms and showers.

2. Internet access to complete results sheets

3. Mobile phone for supplying results straight after match.

4. Two Email addresses for receiving League correspondence.

5. Access to Excel for completion of Admin Forms

6. Numbered Football Kit with access to change kit for colour clashes. (Not Black)

7. Two Match Balls.

8. Post Match Hospitality. This can at ground or nearby Pub/Club

It is also suggested that you need a squad of between 20 and 25 players in order to complete a season.

The closing date for applications is 18th April 2015. No applications after this date will be considered.

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