While most Clubs have started to send through players for registration there are some who have not started the process..

All players even if they are on your list from last season have to be approved(registered) for this season. Whilst this is now done through the Whole Game System players still have to give their consent to play(ie sign-on)and you have to submit them to me.

You will need to get consent

The simplest way is "online" . Put the players email address in their details and click "Request Consent". The player gets an email and clicks on a link, answers some questions  and the system will update his record to show he has consented.

You then add his photo to his details, assign him to a team(s) and click on "submit to league". Job done.

The majority of Clubs have done this with very few problems and it means no messing with paperwork for you.

If the player is new to the league or just reached eligible age you must submit an ID (driving licence/passport) to me.

Offline Consent

If you click on "confirm offline consent" you must have already downloaded a form and had the player sign it. 

I will be asking to see a copy of that form before I approve the registration if you have not already sent it through.

A few  Clubs have clicked on "confirm offline consent" without having the playing sign the form first and this has led to some issues especially where it is later found the player does not want to sign for the coming season.

I will reject players where a club has submitted them for approval without consent being obtained prior to submission. 

As always if you are having problems send me an email.

1st September is the deadline to have 11 players per team registered for season 2018/19.

Sorry if this seems to be a bit over the top on notifications but I do not want any Club to have problems in getting their players registered and some times new systems can be daunting.



Essex Vets League

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