The Essex FA have contacted us about our reporting of West Essex repeatedly breaking the FA Standard Code of Rules. We have been asked to only report the facts of the case and not to provide any inference as to how the decisions were made even if West Essex used the same words in mitigation of the offences.

Whilst we fully stand by our reporting of these matters, out of respect for the Essex FA and the Appeal Board we have removed the original articles. Please see below the facts of the case we can report

Nine West Essex players were charged under Rule 8(G)(iii) which is  “Submit a signed registration form for registration that the player had wilfully neglected to accurately or fully complete”

The reason these charges were raised was because in every case the dates of birth provided on the registration forms made the players look older than they actually are.

The players who the cases were found proven by the League and the Appeal Board agreed with these findings were as follows. By each player’s name is the difference between the date of birth they used and their actual date of birth:

Nick Ramsden 5 years 2 months and 6 days

Greg Blackett 5 years

Christopher Warren 4 years

Stephen Warren 4 years

Demir Mustafa 3 Years

David Ludlow 1 year

David Moore 1 year

Damien Friel 1 year

Ricardo Brown 1 year

We are notifying Clubs as the players registrations are cancelled for the season 2015/16 so they cannot play for any team in the League so please do not attempt to sign the players if they approach you to play in the Essex Veterans League as we will not accept their registrations.

Multiple charges against West Essex of playing ineligible players were also found proven.

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