A final reminder each team must have at least eleven players registered by 1st September 2012 or there is a £30 fine. This means if you run three sides you need thirty three players registered. So far under six hundred players have been registered which means we are expecting another thousand before the season starts. It is unfair on Andy and Geoff to expect them to have to register two thirds of the League players in the week before the season kicks off so please get those forms in as soon as possible. 

A reminder you only need to send the main part of the form, the players names will appear as available on the Full Time website when you click on one of your fixtures to confirm they have been registered. 

Full Time Administration System

I have now loaded all the amendments onto Full Time including all the new users. Any new email addresses will receive an email from Full Time asking if they wish to receive information. Please select the “Yes” link as this is how you will receive Referee Appointments and other similar information. You will only receive emails generated by League Officers you won’t get any spam. 

I have also set up the new logins for completing results sheets. If you were an administrator for another team or club last year your username and password will remain the same. All new users have been set up with the username format of firstname.lastname with the password new So for example if you requested a login and gave me the name of Tim Berry, the username would be tim.berry If you put Timothy Berry on the spreadsheet I will have set up timothy.berry 

Please can I ask all new users and anyone who has moved clubs to log into the system to ensure their password works. Once you have done this please change the password using the button towards the bottom of your login options. I know some of the passwords won’t work but as there were over eighty amendments I don’t have the time to check everyone of them. 

There are some amendments to the result sheets this year. I am working on an amended guide which I will email out before the start of the season. 


These are currently at the printers. I will send them out as soon as I get them. 

Contacting League Officers

The League is very large now so please will you kindly help me by directing any queries to the correct person. In the past I have forwarded queries on but since the last season finished I have received over 2000 emails so I it would help greatly for emails to go to the right person first time. To encourage this I will be returning emails rather than forwarding them on. Queries should be directed as follows: 

Fixtures                       – Steve Newlyn 01245 321538 or

Registrations Clubs A-L  - Andy Piercy 01245 466227

Registrations Club M-Z  - Geoff Harwood 01621 892078

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