Notice of the Annual General Meeting has been sent to all Club Secretaries. Details are below:


Wednesday 8th June 2022 commencing 7.30pm. 

Venue, Chelmsford City Football Club, Salerno Way, Chelmsford CM1 2EH 

  1. Minutes of last Annual General Meeting
  2. Matter Arising
  3. Adopt the Annual Report
  4. Adopt the Balance Sheet and Statement of Accounts
  5. Election of new Clubs
  6. Constitution for Season 2022/23 – Proposal that Committee given authority to agree Constitution after 1st August 2022
  7. Election of Officers and Management Committee –

i) President                                            Bob Brimacombe

ii) Vice President                                    Andy Piercy           

iii) Chairman                                           Brian Sayers

iv) Vice Chairman                                   Geoff Harwood                    

v) Secretary -                                         Martin Berry                      

vi) Assistant Secretary                           Dave Brignall                     

vii) Treasurer                                          John Watts              

viii) Fixture Secretary                             Steve Newlyn

ix Referee Appointment Secretaries        Chris Crawford &

Ryan Anderson         

x) Discipline Secretary                           Simon Marshall

xi) Governance Officer                           Eddie O’Neill          

xii) Management Committee                   Francis Mariani

                                                             Ashley Ward

                                                             Russell McGill


Election of New Officers

i) Registration Secretaries                      Fred Thickbroom & Dave Dukelow                              

  1. Appointment of Auditors – Ian Box
  2. Alteration of Rules – As per attachment 
  3. Fix date for commencement of 2022/23 playing season(1st September)
  4.  Fix end date for playing season 2022/23 (31st May 2021)
  5.  Agree Normal Kick Off Times for Fixtures (League Games 2pm, Cup Games 1.30pm)
  6.  Any Other Business – By prior notification only.

i)               Honoraria

ii) Proposal “The League Management Committee are instructed that any player having case proven of playing whilst under age must be fined £250 and registration cancelled/refused until fine paid in full. The Club they play for must also be fined £250”

Proposed Essex Veterans League Rule Changes 2022/23

Rule 18(B)(iii) Proposed by League Management Committee

Current Rule: Each Club must have at least 11 Players per team registered by 1st September of the current playing season

Proposed Rule: Each Club must have at least 16 Players per team registered by 18th August of the current playing season

Reasons: Each year we have teams dropping out when they can’t meet the current 1st September deadline. With these late withdrawals we cannot alter the Divisions and it creates extra work for the Fixture Secretary. By increasing the number of players required to be registered it assists the Registration Secretary in spreading their workload.

Rule 23 (E) Referee/Assistant Referee Fees Proposed by League Management Committee

Current Fee: Referee £35 Assistant Referee £25

Proposed Fee: Season 2022/23 Referee £40 Assistant Referee £30

Season 2023/24 Referee £45 Assistant Referee £35

Reasons: These fees match the new Essex FA Referee Fees cap. If we do not move to these fees we will lose Referees to Leagues that are paying them. 

Fines Tariff Proposed by League Management Committee

Previously there were fixed fines or discretionary fines. We now have to set a maximum fine for each offence. The fines below in Red are the proposed maximum fines for each rule breach. This doesn’t mean the Management Committee are looking to apply the maximum fines for breaches but purely advise what the maximum penalty we can apply.





2 (G)

Failure to Affiliate

£ 50

2 (I)

Failure to comply with FA initiatives

£ 100

2 (K)

Unauthorised entry of teams into other Competitions

£ 50


Failure to obtain consent for change of Club name

£ 30

4 (B)

Failing to pay Annual Subscription

£ 30

4 (C)

Failure to pay a deposit

£ 30

4 (E)

Failure to provide affiliation number/details form

£ 30

5 (E)

Communications conducted by persons other than nominated officers

£ 50

6 (I)

Failure to comply with an instruction of the management committee

£ 250

6 (J)

Failure to pay a fine within the required timeframe

£ 20

8 (H)

Failure to be represented at AGM

£ 250

9 (E)

Failure to be represented at SGM

£ 250


Failure to submit the required written agreement or to notify changes to signatories

£ 30

11 (A)

Failure to provide notice of intended withdrawal before deadline

£ 100

11 (B)

Failure to commence/complete fixtures

£ 150

13 (A)

Failure to submit the required trophy agreement

£ 50

13 (A)

Failure to return Trophy

£ 50

16 (A)

Failure to have the required public liability insurance

£ 50

16 (B)

Failure to have the required personal accident insurance

£ 50

18 (A)

Failure to correctly register a player

£ 250

18 (B)(iii)

Failure to have the required number of registered players prior to the Playing Season commencing

£ 30 /team

18 (F)

Registering or playing for multiple clubs, or inaccurate completion of a registration form

£ 250

18 (G)(ii)

Registration irregularities

£ 250

18 (L)

Fielding more than the permitted number of players who have participated in Senior Competition matches

£ 10

18 (M)

Playing an ineligible player

£ 250

19 (F)

Delaying kick off by not having a change of colours

£ 10

19 (G)

Failure to have different numbered shirts

£ 50

20 (A)

Late kick off

£ 10

20 (A)

Failing to provide goal nets, corner flags, suitable footballs

£ 50

20 (B)

Failure to play matches on the date fixed

£ 250

20 (C)

Failure to provide details of a fixture

£ 30

20 (E)(i)

Failure to keep engagement

£ 250

20 (E)(ii)

Failure to observe precedence

£ 25

20 (E)(iii)

Failure to notify postponement

£ 50

20 (H)

Failing to identify a team captain

£ 0

21 (A)

Late result sheet

£ 30

21 (B)

Failure to provide result

£ 30

21 (C)

Incorrect result sheet

£ 50

23 (C)

Failure to provide club assistant referee

£ 10

23 (E)

Failure to pay match officials’ fees and expenses

£ 30

23 (F)

Failure to pay match officials where a match is not played

£ 30

23 (H)

Failure to provide referee’s mark

£ 10

23 (H)

Failure to provide report on Referee

£ 30



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