This season the League will be using online registrations only. An email has been sent to all Club Secretaries. It is reproduced below


We are now in the position to confirm the registration process for the 2017/18 season.

All registrations will be submitted by Clubs to the League via the Whole Game System, this will mean no individual paper registrations if online consent is given by the player.

This can done by either the Club Secretary as held by your County FA or by a “Player Registration Officer” or by a “Club Registrations Secretary”. If you require people to have the latter two roles these are set up by the Club Secretary on the Whole Game System.

The majority of Clubs have “matched” their players in Full Time to records held in the Whole Game system. If your Club has not yet done this you must do the “data cleanse” part of the set up for players you will be wanting to register this season, this will create a “FAN” number so they can be registered.

The attached Newsletter contains many training aids which will help you accomplish this and other tasks in Whole Game. There are also FA webinars to help you plus we will set up local training if required as well as helping direct.

Allocating Players to Teams

In the Player Registration Section you need to allocate all your players to the teams you wish to register them for. By placing a tick in the box next to the player’s name you will have the option at the top of the page to assign teams. The system should only allow you to register players to the teams they meet the age requirements for. At the present time the system does not recognizes “Over 45’s” as a separate category  so you need to ensure you do not assign players who are aged over 35 and but aren’t yet 45 to Over  45’s teams.

For Clubs with multiple teams in the League you can register players with all the teams within your club they are eligible for or you can just register them for the teams they are likely to play for to shorten the Full Time list on the results sheet. If you do take the limited registrations option and they need to play for another team at short notice please add them to the required team and email Andy Piercy so he is aware.

Proof of Date of Birth.

Clubs need to record they have seen proof of date of birth for all their players in Player Registration tab. For players who provided proof of date of birth to the League last season they do not need to do so again this year. It is important you record you saw proof of date of birth on or after 1st July 2017. If a player played for another Club in the Essex Veterans League last season after 1st January 2017(which can be checked on Full Time) we do not need to see proof again. If the player played for another team in the League last season but did not play after 1st January 2017 please email Andy Piercy on and he will confirm if we need to see proof of date of birth.

For all new players to the League or those that did not provide proof of date of birth during 2016/17 season please email a copy of the proof of date of birth to Andy. We will accept driving licence, passport or birth certificate.

Online Player Consent

Ideally we would like players to consent to play for your Club via the online system. This can only be done if you hold an email address on the Whole Game System for the player. In the Player Registration Section of Whole Game if you place a tick in the box by the players name a green box will appear at the top of the screen to request consent. The player will then receive an email from Whole Game saying they have a notification outstanding. The player logs into Whole Game via the link in the email or the link below and goes to the  “Club Requests”. They can then give their consent.

Offline Player Consent

If a player cannot complete online consent then you can download Registration forms for the individual players from the Whole Game System. If you place a tick against the box by the player’s names who need a paper form the system will print individual forms for you. Once the paper form is signed the Club then ticks the Offline Consent Held box. The Club holds the paper form until the 1st July each season. We will be making checks on Offline consents, failure to produce that will result in a charge for playing an ineligible player with a possibility of a fine and  points deductions if found proven.

Submitting Registrations

Once you have player consent either on or off line and you have recorded you have seen proof of date of birth you can then submit the registration to the League. You will then have a yellow box against the player’s name saying “League Pending”. Once the League confirm the Registration this box will turn green and say “League Registered”. The players will then automatically appear on Full Time.


This works in the same way as above however the Club the player is leaving will receive a “notice of approach” notification. If the player is using offline consent then you download a transfer form from the League website for the player to sign.

Sign on Day

You can still sign players on the day however we expect this to be greatly reduced due to online consent. Full signed on day procedures will follow closer to the start of the season.

Training Materials

Attached is the latest Newsletter from the FA. It includes training materials showing how to complete each process. This covers Leagues and Clubs.

Additional Support

If you require any additional help or support please contact Andy Piercy or myself straight away. If we have enough people wanting 1-2-1 support we will look at setting up a meeting to help you through the process, however we need to know by 31st July if that is required.

Registration Deadline

A reminder to all Clubs you must have eleven players per team registered with the League by 1st September 2017. There will be no extension to the deadline because this year you don’t even have to see your players to get them registered. It is important you start work on this process as soon as possible in case you have any issues.

If you have any queries please email Andy Piercy or myself and we are happy to help



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