Prior to the start of the season here are a few reminders for existing Clubs and information for new clubs and any new Team Administrators:


All teams must have eleven players registered to play by 1st September 2018, if not there is a fine of £30 per team.

Players either need to have given online consent or you MUST have downloaded a registration form for the player from Whole Game System and they must have signed that form. We will be asking for the forms for offline consent.


The fixtures up to the end of October are now online. Please check that your fixtures are correct in terms of pitch availability and/or team availability. If you have any queries please contact Steve Newlyn.

If during the season you see an opportunity to play a game which isn’t on the fixtures please speak to your potential opponents and if they agree to play please let Steve Newlyn know and he will schedule the fixture on Full Time. This really helps us as whilst Steve and Adam will check the fixtures as best they can with 115 teams they won’t spot everything.

Club Contact Information

Due to GDPR changes we have removed the Club Directory from the website. Details are available online to Member Clubs and Match Officials on our Panel via the League App.

The App is available via the Google Play Store for Android phones and Apple App store for iPhones and iPads. To find the App please search "OneApp G6"

You will require the League Login Credentials which can be obtained by emailing stating your Club name.

Contacting League Officials

As a League we would much rather people contact League Officials and ask so they get things right rather than not asking and getting things wrong or not doing anything and we have to chase you. If you are contacting League Officials can you contact try to contact the correct League Official for your particular query. Please kindly note the following:

Registrations: Andy Piercy – Please use email only. Where Andy lives there is little or no mobile signal

Fixtures: Steve Newlyn

Postponed Fixtures: Prior to match day please contact Steve Newlyn. On Match Days Steve Newlyn and Martin Berry need to be contacted. Please ring Martin Berry. Please do not use email or text

Referees: Martin Berry – If you need to ring Martin on Monday to Friday please do not ring between 8.30am and 6pm as Martin will be at work and cannot answer.


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