For next season we will be moving to online Registrations via the Whole Game System. Once the system is up and running it will save Clubs and the League massive amounts of time and will remove a large number of the Registration issues and player eligibility problems we currently have.

We are aware though that the conversation process will involve extra work for Club Secretaries, however after a long discussion at the Management Committee meeting we felt the extra work we will be asking all Clubs to do will be a one off and this will then provide large time savings to Clubs year on year so it is worth the effort. It will also saves Clubs money which has to be a key factor.

To prepare for next season each player will need a FAN number and player records on Full Time and Whole Game system need to be match up. We need to ask Club Secretaries to start to look at this process now to see if the understand what they need to do. If anybody is unsure of this data cleansing process we can then discuss what help either the League or the Essex FA can provide.

If you have any queries please contact the League Secretary

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