All Clubs have been sent team sheets which are a mandatory League requirement for every fixture. Please note the following procedures:

1) The sheets are carbonated so remember to put the top cover under the blue sheet to stop writing transferring to the following weeks sheet.

2) The Post Code, date of birth and signature ONLY has to be completed if the opponents challenge the player’s eligibility to play in the fixture (please see below for procedure for challenges)

3) With the exception of Cup Finals shirt numbers must NOT be added to the team sheets. (Referees please note Clubs can be fined up to £250 for adding shirt numbers so do NOT ask for them to be added)

4) Prior to the game the top copy (white) must be handed to the Referee. The middle copy (yellow) must be handed to your opponents, the bottom copy (blue) you keep.

5) Team sheets should be retained for one month in case of queries. After this they can be destroyed.

6) After the game results sheets on Full Time are still to be completed as before. These must be completed by Tuesday evening.

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