Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 10th June 2015 commencing 7. 37 pm held at The Premier Suite, Essex County Cricket Club, New Writtle Street, Chelmsford CM2 0PG.

Present: All Clubs bar Collier Row. Management Committee all bar apologies recorded below. Also present Anna Thrift

Apologies: Eunan MacIntyre

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

1. Minutes of last Annual General Meeting

Agreed and accepted as a true record

2. Matter Arising


3. Adopt the Annual Report

The Secretary’s Annual Report had been circulated with Agenda prior to the meeting. (Copy attached) There were no questions for the Secretary. The report was adopted by all Clubs. Chairman thanked Secretary for work and asked Clubs show appreciation which was done.

4. Adopt the Balance Sheet and Statement of Accounts

Balance sheet and statement of account were circulated prior to the meeting. The League had £20277.56 as at 30th April 2015. IT expenditure up however FA Grant of £1000 applied for.

The Balance Sheet and Statement of Accounts were adopted by all Clubs.

5. Election of new Clubs

The following new Clubs Brentwood Town, Burnham Ramblers, Catholic United, Chigwell, Colebrook Royals, Harold Hill, Dunmow Rhodes, Oakland, United Amateurs and Victoria United were elected to the League.

6. Constitution for Season 2015/16.

From circulated Constitution Chingford Town withdrew application to join the League at 3pm today withdrawn. This leaves nine teams in Division Three West and eleven teams in Division Four West. Constitution adopted by Clubs with permission given to Management Committee to investigate balancing Divisions to ten teams each.  Following feedback from Premier Division and Division One Clubs the League will trial second placed sides in Division One playing off for place in Premier Division. This means third from bottom side in Premier Division being relegated. Over 45’s running with smaller numbers following feedback from Clubs. League Management Trophy will be run to give Over 45 teams more games.

7. Election of Officers and Management Committee – The following were elected by the meeting.

i) Chairman -                                       Bob Brimacombe

ii) Vice Chairman-                               Brian Sayers

iii) Secretary -                                      Martin Berry

iv) Assistant Secretary -                      Vacant

v) Treasurer -                                       John Watts

vi) Registration Secretary(s) -             Andy Piercy and Geoff Harwood

vii) Referee Secretary -                       Martin Berry

viii) Fixture Secretary(s) -                   Stephen Newlyn and

                                                            Adam Gordon

ix) Disciplinary Secretary -                 Simon Marshall

x) Governance Officer-                       Dicky Brooks

xi) Management Committee -             Alison Lawes (Horndon)

                                                            Francis Mariani (Old Parmiterians)

                                                            Eunan MacIntyre (Springfield)

Chairman thanks Committee for hard work during the season. Chairman also confirmed to meeting that Martin Berry the League Secretary had been voted in as ECFA Veterans Representative and looked forward to Veterans Football being represented at the ECFA Council.

8. Appointment of Auditors- Ian Box re-appointed

9. Alteration of Rules –

These were circulated with the agenda (Copy Attached) Standard Code of Rules changes have previously been notified to Clubs. Vote taken to adopt proposed Fees and Tariff’s structure (Copy Attached). Separate motion passed that Clubs instructed the Management Committee that if a player is charged and case found proven of falsifying date of birth to play whilst under age the Management Committee will apply £250 fine to Club and £250 fine to the player. Vote taken on block on League proposed rule changes which was agreed

10. Fix dates for commencement of 2015/16 playing season

Meeting voted that start date for the 2015/16 season would be 1st September 2015

11. Any Other Business

i) Honoraria – Meeting voted to award £100 to each League Officer elected at 2014 AGM.

ii) Registration Process – Registration Secretary gave information to Clubs on how Registration Process will work for 2015/16 including new style registration forms.

iii) Cup Fixtures 2015/16 – Clubs advised if Cup fixtures postponed due to weather, if pitch is not playable on re-arranged date game to be played on revised date at opponents ground if that is fit. Teams advising they have already told players game is off so can’t reverse fixture will be deemed to have failing to fulfil the fixture.

Meeting Closed 8.35 pm

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