Request to Re-arrange Fixtures

As a League over the last two seasons we are becoming increasingly concerned over the rise in forfeited games due to teams being unable to field sides. This trend is continuing already this season. We want to try to address this as it leaves opponents without games and it costs them money. It also causes the Fixture Secretaries, the Referee Appointment Secretary and the Governance Officer increased workloads. Again here we want football to be played we don’t want your money from fines and teams winning points through default. The new procedures for requesting fixtures to be re-arranged are as follow:

  1. Requests for dates with no fixture must be made one month in advance – These will be accommodated provided there are free dates to complete the fixtures
  2. During the season teams can request a maximum of two re-arrangements within one month’s notice provided the request is made at least fourteen days prior to the fixture (This means the Saturday two weeks prior to the game) – These will be accommodated provided there are free dates to complete the fixtures

Notification of Postponements

Please take note of this section as there are major changes here

  1. Up to and including the Thursday before a game the first action teams MUST take when a fixture is postponed is to contact Steve Newlyn to notify of a postponement of a fixture. This applies whatever the Division or reason for postponement. Steve will attempt to find an alternative fixture for the team or teams depending on the postponement reason.
  2. The team must advise the Referee that the fixture is off
  3. Teams MUST NOT advise their players they have no game until after 7pm on Thursday night. If teams do advise players before this deadline and then Steve allocates a new fixture and Clubs say they cannot now field a side because of players making other plans the Club will found to be in default of the new fixture. This is an instruction under Rule 5(H)

On Fridays or Saturdays notification must be made to Martin Berry as soon as you know about the postponement. This means the Referee can be re-allocated if necessary.

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