Here is the update from the September Management Committee Meeting


We have had a number of Registration problems including finding Under Age players from previous seasons. Once again please note it is Club’s responsibility to ensure that players are at least 35 years old when they play. Also players must sign their own registration forms. We will be conducting Registration checks during the season and if signatures different the player will be deemed to be ineligible. This means if this is found at the end of the season you could be penalised for every game that player has played.

Please check that all the players you have been submitted have been registered. This can be done by clicking on any of your fixtures and you will see the “Available Players”. Please also check you have two players called “Signed on Day”. You should contact your Registration Secretary if any players are missing.


The number of games played has risen from 30 games a week to 42 games a week on average. On top of this we have lost ten Referees who helped us every week. This means it will be very difficult to provide 100% coverage every week. This makes it even more important to confirm games on time and to let the Referee Appointment Secretary know if your Referee has become unavailable. It is also very important this season if a game is called off for any reason that a phone call is made to me to advise the Referee Appointment Secretary if this doesn't happen which means another team loses out on a Referee your team is likely not to be allocated a Referee next time we are short of cover.


This website has been updated over the summer. All handbook information can be found on the site so please check the website if you need contact details for a Club or Referee first before ringing a League Officer. This helps greatly in reducing our workload. The website has a Notice board for advertising for players and friendlies. Please email to use this facility

Handbook Amendments

Handbook amendments have been emailedto Club Secretaries

Rule Breaches

Rule 2(B) Failure to pay annual subscription on time Collier Row, Leigh Town, Little Thurrock Dynamos, Peverel, Westhamians Clubs Fined

Rule 2 (B) Failure to pay Annual Subscription before AGM Sungate – Fine not paid within 14 days. Further fine issued.

Rule 2 (E) Failure to submit forms within 14 days of AGM. Leigh Town, William Fitt Clubs Fined.

Rule 8(B)(i) Failure to register eleven players per team by 1st September 2012 PLA, Shenfield, Maidonians, Rainham Working Mens Club, White Ensign Herongate Athletic, Met Police Chigwell Clubs Fined

Rule 6 (H) Failing to attend AGM Hornminster , Hawkwell Athletic Runwell Town and William Fitt Clubs fined

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