The Laws of the Game have undergone a major re-write during the summer. The Amateur Football Alliance have produced the following summary of items that effect grassroots football.
  1. Kick-offs may now be taken backwards or in any direction, not just forwards
  2. The restart of an indirect free-kick for a player adjudged offside (obviously in their opponent’s half) will now be awarded from the position where they became active, which may be in their own half
  3. A player who is injured as a result of a yellow or red card foul may remain on the field of play after quick assessment or treatment rather than having to leave
  4. Denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity (DOGSO) is still normally a red card offence, but may be downgraded to a yellow card if it results in a penalty-kick (which restores the obvious goal-scoring opportunity) and the referee judges that there was a genuine attempt to challenge for or play the ball. [Note that a red card will still be given for DOGSO offences committed outside the penalty area, all DOGSO deliberate handball offences, or DOGSO offences inside the penalty area involving holding/pushing/pulling]

Additionally clubs and players may wish to be aware of the following changes: -

  1. Any material which covers the socks, not just tape, must be the same colour as that underneath it
  2. Drinks breaks may be taken for medical reasons and not just during assessment of injuries
  3. At a penalty kick, goalkeepers who cause a retake by infringing the Laws (e.g. encroachment) will now be cautioned
  4. In addition to the current requirement that a team needs a minimum of 7 players to start a match, this is now specifically extended to 7 being the minimum number to continue during a match

All the other Law changes are less applicable to our grassroots football (like which advertising is allowed on corner flags) or are likely to happen on a very infrequent basis (e.g. a goal will be allowed if the ball is touched by an outside agent on its way to goal but does not affect the outcome).

You can use the following link for complete information on all changes: -


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