The draws for the League Cups have been made and are as follows: 

Premier Division League Cup

1st Round

Collier Row v Springfield

Port of London Authority v Met Police Chigwell 

2nd Round

Collier Row or Springfield v Shenfield

Little Thurrock Dynamos v Hutton Old Boys

PortofLondon Authority or Met Police Chigwell v Manford Way

White Notley v West Essex 

Division One League Cup

1st Round

Cricketers Horndon Saxons v Newbury Park

Old Chelmsfordians v Old Parmiterians 

2nd Round

Frenford Senior v Heath Park

Leigh Ramblers v Sungate

Old Chelmsfordians or Old Parmiterians v Cricketers Horndon Saxons or Newbury Park

Sporting Club Woodham v Debden Sports 

Division Two League Cup

1st Round

Great Baddow v Hale End Athletic

Little Waltham v Paringdon

Maidonians v Hannakins Farm 

2nd Round

Ford Basildon v Hockley and Hawkwell

Globe Rangers v Little Waltham or Paringdon

Hawkwell Athletic v Harold Wood Athletic

Hutton Old Boys Reserves v White Ensign

Maidonians or Hannakins Farm v Writtle

Pavilion United v Britannia

Shenfield Reserves v Great Baddow or Hale End Athletic

Tillingham Hotspur v Chipping Ongar 

Division Three League Cup

Great Baddow Reserves v LOASS

Harold Wood Athletic Reserves v Chelmer Vets

Herongate Athletic v Peverel

Hornminster v Fulbrook Royals

Leigh Town v Sporting Club Woodham Reserves

MetPol Chigwell NE Reserves v Old Chelmsfordians Reserves

Old Barkabbeyans v Hannakins Farm Reserves

Rayleigh v Hornchurch

Ryan  v Hatfield Broad Oak

Silver End United v West Essex Reserves

Springfield Reserves v Benfleet

Sungate Reserves v Henderson Casuals

Westhamians v Little Thurrock Dynamos Reserves

William Fitt v Blackmore Royals 

2nd Round

Hornminster or Fulbrook Royals v Springfield Reserves or Benfleet

MetPol Chigwell NE Reserves or Old Chelmsfordians Reserves v Rayleigh or Hornchurch

Old Barkabbeyans or Hannakins Farm Reserves v Ryan or Hatfield Broad Oak

Rainham Working Mens Club v Leigh Town or Sporting Club Woodham Reserves

Silver End United or West Essex Reserves v Great Baddow Reserves or LOASS

Westhamians or Little Thurrock Dynamos Reserves v Sungate Reserves or Henderson Casuals

White Roding v Herongate Athletic or Peverel

William Fitt or Blackmore Royals v Harold Wood Athletic Reserves or Chelmer Vets

Division Four League Cup

1st Round

Forest Glade v White Roding Reserves

Hale End Athletic Reserves v Blackmore Royals Reserves

Leigh Ramblers Reserves v Little Waltham Reserves

Paringdon Reserves v Horndon

Sanders v West EssexA

Spartan Athletic v Newport 

2nd Round

Archer v Cricketers Horndon Saxons Reserves

Forest Glade or White Roding Reserves v Leigh Ramblers Reserves or Little Waltham Reserves

Leigh Town Reserves v Academy Soccer

North Weald v Hale End Athletic Reserves or Blackmore Royals Reserves

Old Parmiterians A v FOBS

Paringdon Reserves or Horndon v Forest Rangers

Sanders or West Essex A vRunwellHospital

Spartan Athletic or Newport v Valley Green 

Over 45 League Cup

1st Round

Bishops Stortford (Over 45's) v Chelmer (Over 45's)

Ford Basildon (Over 45's) v Frenford Senior (Over 45's )

Maidonians (Over 45's) v Hannakins Farm (Over 45's) 

2nd Round

Bishops Stortford (Over 45's) or Chelmer (Over 45's) v Cricketers Horndon Saxons (Over 45's)

Doddinghurst Olympic (Over 45's) v Old Parmiterians (Over 45's)

Ford Basildon (Over 45's) Reserves v Peverel (Over 45's)

Glassmasters (Over 45's) v Newport(Over 45's)

Herongate Athletic (Over 45's) v Pavilion United (Over 45's)

Maidonians (Over 45's) or Hannakins Farm (Over 45's) v Ford Basildon (Over 45's) or Frenford Senior (Over 45's)

Old Parmiterians (Over 45's) Reserves v Chipping Ongar (Over 45s)

RochfordTown(Over 45's) v Bealonains (Over 45's)

Dates for all the fixtures will be announced later

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