The email below has been sent to all Club Secretaries for a response by 12th March 2021


It has always been the League’s philosophy to offer as much football to as we can to Clubs who want/able to play Veterans football. After a very long discussion last night we have come up with the offer which gives the most football to any member Club that feels they want to restart playing football this season. There are not enough weeks left to complete the normal season.

If any individual team does not feel this offer is right for them that is absolutely fine, there would not be any penalties for not taking part and we would look forward to seeing you in the 2021/22 season.

The League proposal is as follows:

i)                    Current League Season null and void

ii)                   League games in the current Divisions to be played with each team playing each other once.

iii)                 Games to be scheduled every week between 10th April 2021 and 12th June 2021

iv)                 Winners of each Division will be declared League Champions – no medals awarded

v)                  No promotion or relegation from these Divisions – Next Season’s constitution will be proposed by the League based on trying to place teams in the correct Division

vi)                 No player registration after 9th April 2021

vii)               No fines for failing to fulfil fixtures unless teams drop out on the day of the fixture. Fine for this will be £50 plus any pitch costs if the away team.

viii)              Fixtures will be announced with nominated home team. The home team is responsible for finding a pitch. If the game is played on the opponents ground the pitch costs to be agreed between the two clubs

ix)                 Fixtures will usually be Saturday afternoons unless mutual agreed between the two Clubs. Fixtures may be played any time between the Monday and Sunday of the week of the fixture date. Any date/kick off time changes MUST be notified to the Fixture Secretary.

x)                  Any kick off time on a Saturday between 12 noon and 4pm has to be accepted by the Away Team. Once the fixtures are announced Clubs are accepted to arrange pitches and notify their opponents and the Fixture Secretary if the kick off time will be anything other than 2pm on the Saturday afternoon

xi)                 Any fixtures that are not played for any reason at all will be decided by the Management Committee, this includes weather postponements. Committee decisions will either declare the game void or award the points.

xii)               No “free weeks” will be allowed.

We need to response from every Club to the following please?

  1. You agree to the current 2020/21 season to be declared null and void?  Yes/No
  2. We need your confirmation for each individual team do they want to participate in the offer for football between 10th April 2021 and 12th June 2021? Yes/No. This can be a different answer for teams in the same Club.

 We do need a reply from every Club so I am issuing an instruction under Rule 6 (H) that every Club must send a response to Steve Newlyn evlfixtures@gmail.com by 12th March 2021

All the proposals are subject to Government/FA advice and the agreement of the Essex FA as the League sanctioning body.






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