The League Management Committee have been faced with the very difficult decision on whether to continue playing or cancel the season now?

We had to consider the medical advice is playing grass roots football is not a high risk activity. In fact the risks in shopping or being in a pub are far higher.  We do however fully appreciate people’s concerns. The FA have said each League is an autonomous body so has to make its own decision.

The Fixture Secretary has taken a close look at the fixtures. If we don’t play a single game before 4th April we cannot complete the season.

After a lot of debate the Committee have decided that we will give teams the option if they want to play or not?

If any team wishes not to play any games before 3rd April 2020 please let Steve Newlyn so he can look to adjust the fixtures? If you decide you do not want to play any fixtures because you are worried about the current situation if you are in any stage of the Cup up to and including the Semi Final that game would be forfeited. No fines will be applied.

Teams can call off fixtures on a week by week basis without any fine. For postponements we only need to know if it is due to the weather or another reason. We do not need the other reason. If the game is called off on Friday or Saturday the points will be awarded.

If the game is called off after Sunday night and the home team incurs pitch fees which they have to pay then normal rules apply to these costs.

The expectation of hospitality is removed. We don’t want to force people to go to a pub which is a confined space. If however the home team wishes to offer hospitality that is fine. Away team to confirm if players will go back for hospitality or not when the game is confirmed.

This situation will be reviewed as and when there are changes to either the medical advice or the FA instructs us not to play.

We would ask teams that are playing to show RESPECT to their opponents by nobody playing who should be self-isolating. The current Government advice is if you have a new persistent cough or a fever you should self-isolate for seven days.

Thanks very much

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