As you will be aware The Football Association have made the decision for grassroots football that no further League games for the season 2019/20 will be played. The Essex FA have provided the Management Committee with details of the options available to us.

League Games

The Committee have discussed the options and since there was over twenty five percent of the season to play we are proposing that all League games are declared null and void. If your Club has any objections to this proposal please can you kindly inform the League Secretary by Sunday 3rd May 2020?

Cup Competitions 2019/20

The Football Association have given Leagues the option of whether they complete Cup Competitions from 2019/20 or not. The Management Competition would ideally like to complete the League Cup Competitions, however at the current time we have no idea when we will be allowed to play football again. Bearing this in mind the Management Committee have decided not to make a formal proposal on the 2019/20 Cup Competitions until a later date. Once we have an indication of when play can resume we will make a decision on what is best for all Clubs within the Competition.

Season 2020/21

When we are given an indication that we will be able to resume playing football we will contact all Clubs to find out what teams they will be running. From this information we will then create a new Constitution which will aim to give teams as much football as we realistically can in the time period that is left in the 2020/21 season.

The new Constitution will aim to put teams in the correct Division to try to ensure all teams are playing at the correct level.

Annual Subscription Season 2020/21

You will have seen a number of Leagues have announced reductions to their Annual Subscriptions for next season.  We will be looking to lower the Annual Subscription for next season to help Clubs, however we will make a decision once we know what football will be on offer.

Sportsmanship and League Management Awards 2019/20

Normally the Winners of the Divisional Sportsmanship Awards don’t have to pay their Annual Subscriptions for the following season. As we don’t know what that fee will be all Divisional Sportsmanship Winners will receive a payment of £80. The Clubs who qualify for the League Management Awards for excellent administration will also be contacted and a payment of £80 or £50 depending on the number of teams that they run will be made.

Thank You

Finally we would like to say a massive thank you to all the Key Workers who are carrying on with their day jobs to help keep the Country running at this difficult time. We would also like to thank everyone else who is making their contribution by staying at home to save lives.

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