Greene King Essex Veterans League Management Committee Meeting Updates

January 2012


Rule 20 Alteration to Rules – Any suggestions for rule changes for next season should be sent to me by 1st February 2012. These will be discussed at the February Committee Meeting.

Next Season

This season we have had three Divisions running short of numbers due to late withdrawal of teams. Clubs are reminded of Rule 14 (A) which states that clubs intending or having a provisional intention of withdrawing a team should notify the Secretary before 31st March. In practice if you think you might be struggling to run a team next year, please let me know by 31st March so we can include it in our planning for next year’s Constitution. If you give provisional notice of withdrawal we can then work with you towards a firm decision before the AGM.

Handbook Amendments

Please see attached the latest handbook amendments. Please will Teams particularly take note of in the Referee section of Paul Lingard’s new mobile phone number. I get more calls for this number than any other issue.

Player Warning

If players named William (Billy) O’Dea or Christopher Catchpole attempt to sign with new Clubs this season please contact your Registration Secretary before signing these people as they may be ineligible to play. Any clubs signing these players on the day without checking with their Registration Secretary first run the risk of playing an ineligible player. As we have issued this warning if they do play before getting confirmation from the League you run the risk of having three points deducted from your total in addition to losing any points won from the game.


Rule 11(C) Hutton Old Boys fined for failure to fully complete Results Sheet v Britannia 19/11/11

Rule 11(C) Essex Police fined for failure to fully complete Results Sheet v Beacon Hill 19/11/11

Rule 13(C) Newbury Park fined for failure to supply an Assistant Referee v Hutton Old Boys 17/12/11

Rule 10(F) Fulbrook Royals fined for failure to fulfil fixture v Lowhall 10/12/11. Points awarded to Lowhall. Fulbrook ordered to pay £59.35 in costs to Lowhall

Rule 10 (B) Newbury Park fined for late kick off v Hutton Old Boys 17/12/11

Rule 8(B)(ii) Runwell Hospital fined for failure to submit registration form within two days of game v Ford Basildon 16/12/11

Rule 10(F) Dunmow Rhodes fined for failure to fulfil fixture with Pavilion United 7/1/12. Points awarded to Pavilion Untied

December 2011

Half Yearly Meeting

Please take this email as notice of the League Half Yearly Meeting on Thursday 12th January 2012 to be held at The Pavilion, Essex County Cricket Club, The Ford County Ground  New Writtle Street, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 0PG commencing at 7.30pm. Please note the change of venue. We are trying this venue as it has been standing room only at the Essex Police Headquarters.

The Half Yearly meeting is an opportunity for the League Officers to update clubs on any issues and to discuss any matters going forward concerning the League. If there are any matters you would like on the agenda please kindly submit them to me by 17th December 2011. The League Cup Semi Final draws will be made at the meeting. Please note any club not attending without satisfactory reason will be fined. Every Club has at least twenty members so we do expect someone to attend.

Annual General Meeting

Please note there is a change to the AGM date from the one published in the handbook. The AGM will be moved to Wednesday 6th June 2012 as the original date is now a Bank Holiday. The venue may change depending on how we find the Essex County Cricket Club for the Half Yearly meeting

Player Welfare

We hope it doesn’t happen but if any player is seriously injured please can Clubs kindly inform Bob Brimacombe the League Chairman as we would like to contact the player to check on their progress/recovery.

Referee Marks

Every week at least one team marks a Referee out of 10 as opposed to 100. I have been contacting them to correct marking; this is creating unnecessary additional work. With effect from today I will assume this mark is correct so will be expecting a letter of explanation under Rule 13 (H). If I am advised the mark is incorrect a charge under Rule 11(C) for incorrect results sheet completion will be issued.

Rule Breaches

Rule 11(A) Wickford Town fined for failure to complete Results Sheet on time v FOBS (East Hanningfield) 1/10/11

Rule 11(A) Wickford Town fined for failure to complete Results Sheet on time v Fulbrook Royals 19/11/11

Rule 11(A) Wickford Town fined for failure to complete Results Sheet on time v Chelmer Vets 26/11/11

Rule 11 (A) Chipping Ongar failure to complete Results Sheet on time v Little Thurrock Dynamos 22/10/11

Rule 10(F) Lowhall fined for failure to field a side v Sanders 22nd October 2011. Points awarded to Sanders

Rule 10(F) Hornchurch fined for failure to field a side v Sanders 3rd December 2011. Points awarded to Sanders

Rule 10(F) Ryan fined for failure to field a side v Chipping Ongar 10th December 2011. Points awarded to Chipping Ongar

Rule 8(B) (ii) Cricketers Horndon fined for failure to submit registration form to Registration Secretary within two days of game v Fulbrook Royals 22/10/11

Rule 5(H) The following clubs have been fined for failing to respond to the Treasurer’s email. Bishops Stortford, Chelmer Vets, Collier Row, Fulbrook Royals, Herongate Athletic, Hockley &Hawkwell, Hornchurch, Hornminster,  Little Thurrock Dynamos, Shenfield, Silver End, Sporting Club Henderson, Sungate, West Billericay, Westhamians, White Ensign and William Fitt

Rule 11(C) White Ensign fined for failure to fully complete the results sheet v Harold Wood on 22/10/11 Sportsmanship mark missing

Contacting League Officials by Telephone.

Please kindly do not contact League Officials by telephone before 10am or after 10pm. The only exception to this is Saturday morning when Referee Appointment Secretary is happy to receive calls after 8am in relation to games being played that day.

September 2011

League Management Committee Trophy

It was confirmed that the League Management Committee Trophy would be run as an Over 45’s competition. It will have group stages which guarantees each team a minimum of three matches. Further details of the how the Competition will work are on the attached document


Please can all clubs check their list of available players on the website. Please will you kindly advise your Registration Secretary if anyone is missing or there are any names misspelt. It can be very hard for Andy and Geoff to read some of the handwriting on the Registration forms so there may be mistakes which we would like to correct.


John Watts emailed you all on the 2nd September 2011 advising that payments can be made to and from the League electronically. In his email he requested all clubs reply advising whether they still wished to us cheques or if they wanted to use electronic methods. If you wish to use electronic methods John asked for your bank account name, sort code and account number. So far he has only had a limited number of responses. Under Rule 5(H) the League Management Committee are now issuing an instruction for clubs who haven’t replied already to reply to John Watts by 30th September 2011 or they will be liable to a fine.

Breaches of Rules

As previously advised for most fines we now have to issue Charge Notices. There will be two types of notices, one for fixed penalty fines and one for variable fines. Generally these will be issued by Steven Robinson, the Assistant Secretary.  The fixed penalty fine Charge Notices will advise you how much the fine is if you accept the charge and giving details of how to pay the fine. If no reply or payment is received then a fine notice will be issued. The variable fine notices will be discussed at the following months League Management Committee meeting and then a decision issued.


Last season most clubs paid fines on time, with only a few having to be chased. It will be in your interests to pay any fines promptly next season due to changes in the Standard Code of rules Rule 5 (I). Now all fines must be paid within 14 days or an automatic additional fine will be added. If this happens unless both amounts are paid within a further 14 days your Clubs fixtures will be withdrawn until all outstanding payments are settled.

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