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Due to problems with the weather the Semi Final between Ludlows and Frenford Senior will now be played on Saturday 8th September 2012 with the Final being played on Saturday 15th September 2012. Only players eligible to play on 12th May 2012 will be eligible to play in the Semi Final and Final. The venue for the Final is still to be confirmed.



The AGM will take place on Wednesday 6th June 2012 at Essex County Cricket Club. Full details and the Agenda will be issued shortly. Clubs must ensure they are represented at the AGM otherwise they are likely to face a fine of £50.


Next Season Administration

We have twelve new applications for teams to join the League next season. This will bring the League to nearly ninety teams which is a large workload for the League Officers. We have now been running the Full Time system for two years so Clubs should be used to it yet the Registration Secretaries still have to chase Results Sheets each week. Please note next season we will be a lot tighter with Competition rules. If Results Sheets are not completed by Tuesday you can expect the reminder to be a Charge Notice for failing to complete the Results Sheet which will result in a fine. If you know you are going to have a problem with completing a Results Sheet please speak to your Registration Secretary in advance.


The new website has now settled down. Next season it will be kept updated with all the contact numbers you need. We would request that if you cannot find a contact number whether it be team or Referee you check the website first before contacting a Committee Member. You will be asked if you have checked if you do ring up. This way the other calls for numbers should be if you have tried a number and cannot get a response. This will greatly cut the number of phone calls League Officers receive. Whilst we do want to help people a number of times it appears the easy option is to ring a Committee Member rather than looking up the number.


Failing to Fulfil Fixtures

Again at the end of the season we had a spate of clubs failing to fulfil fixtures. The Committee have been operating a structure for fines depending on how much notice has been given to their opponents. It has been decided that next season there will be an increase in the level of fines levied with a minimum of doubling for further offences. We would remind clubs that we do have the power to deduct points from teams failing to fulfil their fixtures and this may be considered if the game effects promotion, relegation or title matters.


Unplayed games

The following non played fixtures are declared void Springfield Res v Silver End United Div 3 North, Shenfield v Frenford Senior Div 1, Maidonians v West Essex Div 2 West.


Rule Breaches

Rule 10(F) Hullbridge Sports Failure to fulfil fixture with Horndon on the Hill Saxons. Hullbridge Sports fined and points awarded to Horndon on the Hill Saxons

Rule 10(F) Essex Police Failure to fulfil fixture with Frenford Senior 21/4/12. Essex Police fined and points awarded to Frenford Senior

Rule 8(O)(i) Britannia – Fielding an ineligible player v Shenfield  10/3/12. Britannia fined and deducted three points. Shenfield awarded three points

Rule 5(I) Hullbridge Sports Fined for failure to pay fine within 14 days

Rule 5(I) Hutton Old Boys Fined for failure to pay fine within 14 days

Rule 5(I) Sungate Fined for failure to pay fine within 14 days

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