If Clubs have any have any rule changes they would like to propose these need to be submitted to the League Secretary by 1st February 2016 at the latest.

The League Management Committee will be proposing a rule change that means Clubs must hold a copy of every player’s proof of date of birth. The Registration Secretaries will then at random during the season ask Clubs to supply the copies within three days. Failure to supply the requested information will led to fixtures being suspended.

Action Required - Proof of Date of Birth

With the proposed rule change above the League would strongly recommend all teams start collecting proof of date of birth from all players now. If you find a player with an incorrect date of birth please report this to your Registration Secretary immediately. The players will be dealt with however Clubs will be treated in a more favourable way if they have reported themselves. PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS OPPORTUNITY. Any Clubs found to have any players with incorrect date of births after the AGM can expect to have to explain why their Club should not be removed from the League. If the Club retains its place the fine level can be expected to be very high


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