The League Officers work very hard to try to make the League run as smoothly as possible, they also try to help people when they have problems. The issue we are experiencing is there has been a large increase being made on demands of League Officers, some of this is due to the increased size of the League whilst some of it being more Clubs not doing things at the right time which increases the work load of the League Officers.  We want people to get things right and we want to help people, we don’t want money from fines or players not being able to play because of red tape. We do have to have rules though to ensure fairness to all clubs. To put the size of the League in context the Greene King Essex Veterans League accounts for over 16% of the Saturday football in Essex and this is all delivered by volunteers.

With immediate effect the following changes apply.


  1. Immediate cessation of players signing on the A4 sheet. Only green forms to be used for the rest of the season.
  2. All registration forms to be submitted by post or email in PDF format to the respective Registration Secretary. If the form is sent by email, the original of the form shall be forwarded to the registration secretary within two days. Otherwise the player will be made inactive and therefore unavailable to play until the original is received. Forms must be received by the Thursday preceding the match that the player is required for. This is in line with Rule 8B(i).
  3. Signed on the day shall be submitted in accordance with Rule 8B(ii). Any forms that are received after Thursday of the following week will not be dealt with until following Thursday. This will prevent the player playing in the match on the subsequent Saturday as he will not appear on Full-Time until after submission of the following week’s result sheet.
  4. Any request for additional registration forms shall be made with a stamped self-addressed envelope for the return of the forms
  5. Transfer forms where required can be found at

Clubs are reminded the green registration forms can be signed by a Club Official, they don’t have to be signed by the Secretary as we appreciate that would delay the form being sent to us where the Secretary is not at the game. It is the Club’s responsibility though for that person to ensure they have seen proof of date of birth for the player.

These changes or enforcement of the rules is being brought in so everyone is clear where they stand and to give the Registration Secretaries a chance. Geoff and Andy do a fantastic job for the League, they have registered over 2600 players already this season and they will still happily help people with queries however they do deserve to have some time to themselves, which I am sure you will all agree with.

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