This update is to keep all Clubs informed on our progress to restarting the season.


All Clubs have to be affiliated for the League to be sanctioned. Once the League is sanctioned we can then arrange for the new Season on Full Time to be created and work on fixtures can commence.

There has been a delay with this process as we have been supporting a Club who wish to move from the Amateur Football Association (AFA) to the Essex County Football Association. This move would save the Club a considerable sum of money this season and in future years.

Currently the AFA are refusing to agree to this transfer. The reasons the AFA have stated to the Club for refusing to agree to the transfer include the AFA have been short changed by the FA to the sum of £100,000 in the FA funding model and they will only agree to a transfer if it does not inconvenience either the AFA or the Club. The Club have requested the transfer so there is no inconvenience to the Club.  

Hopefully this matter will be resolved this week so we can obtain our League sanction.

Southminster St Leonards

Unfortunately Southminster St Leonards have withdrawn from the League. This will currently leave ten teams in Division Two East.

Player Registration Deadline

A reminder to all Clubs they must have eleven players registered for each team they are running by 1st September 2020.

Annual Subscriptions

For those Clubs who haven’t yet paid their Annual Subscription please can you ensure it is paid by 1st September 2020. The Annual Subscription is as stated below

Existing Clubs £50 per team

New Clubs £80 per team

Handbooks/ League App

We will be producing handbooks this year however clearly there will be a delay due to us waiting to know the League could restart before starting work on the handbooks.

The Club details on the App are 80% updated and we hope to complete the work this weekend. All new Clubs have been added to the App. Once the Club details have been completed then other sections of the App including Referee details will be checked and updated.

The App can be downloaded from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. If you search for “Robin Road” the App has a logo with a white “R” on a purple background. To obtain login details please email stating which Club you are attached to or that you are a League Referee

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