During the summer there were a number of issues with the server hosting the League website. This lead to the website being moved to a new server. One of the problems experienced meant the website crashed and had to revert to a backup copy. Normally this isn’t an issue, unfortunately on this occasion it was when a large number of the Club Details section of the website had been amended. We have now had the time to go back through and bring the Club Details section up to date.

Please can we ask that Clubs check their entry on this section to ensure it is correct. If there are any amendments that need making please will you kindly email so we can make the adjustments.


A few years ago we launched a Twitter account @EssexVetsLeague We stopped using this for a number of reasons. At the end of June this year we started the account running again and are in a position to continue. We are using the account for sending out reminders, promoting Club events, supplying ECFA information etc.

Any suggestions of other items we can promote would be welcome

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